Quality Pays Off Long-Term

Our thorough design and stringent construction methods result in top-of-the-line pieces, made with premium materials and an attention to detail not typically found in competitor furnishings. Design Furnishings produces some of the highest quality custom furniture available on the market today.

During a visit to our warehouse, we could show you how one of our custom booths compares to those built by any of our competitors.  Our furniture consistently outlasts and outperforms that made by other manufacturers. A simple “wiggle test” is an easy way to measure stability, robustness and get a feel for how a piece will stand up to wear and tear, and our pieces win every time—guaranteed.

Robust Construction

Design Furnishings provides clients around the world with turnkey solutions for furnishing bars and restaurants, hotels, hospitals, universities and other venues. All of our custom furniture is made in America, using exterior-grade plywood grown in sustainable forests and covered with top-quality fabrics and finishes.

All of our pieces are assembled using both glue and nails for added stability. Corner braces are used extensively to enhance the solid, robust construction present in every piece of furniture we build. Our high-quality foam ensures comfort for your customers for years to come. Flawless upholstery is the final step in the manufacturing process, and our highly-skilled sewing team guarantees straight seams, tight fabric and elegant, timeless design.

Re-using Frames

Our unwavering commitment to quality results in significant added value for each of our clients. We utilize industry best practices in combination with old-world craftsmanship to construct furniture of the highest quality, ensuring that the frames can be reused in the future.

This allows clients to update fabrics without requiring additional construction to the frame or infrastructure, reducing future remodel and refurbishing expenses which, ultimately, saves you money.

Many custom furniture builders place primary importance on the price of their furniture, creating pieces that might look nice but are not built to withstand long-term wear and tear.

At Design Furnishings, our goal is to create beautifully-designed custom furnishings that will withstand continual wear and provide decades of usability for our clients. A booth built by the average manufacturer will last only a year in a high-traffic restaurant. Our custom booths continue to provide comfort and durability for as many as 5 years, at which time they may only require simple reupholstering. It is not uncommon for one of our booths to last for 10 years.

Maintaining Your Furniture

Fabric repair and replacement is made easy due to the fact that we keep a record of every cut line that was used in upholstering your furniture (with the exception of single custom built items), so the next time a high-heeled shoe or child’s toy damages your furniture you can replace a single bench or chair seat without worrying how fabric patterns will match up.

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Our convenient turn-key solutions include:
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  • Quoting From One Source
  • Custom Construction
  • Manufactured Furniture Purchases
  • Storage As Needed
  • Coordinated Delivery of All Pieces
  • Installation of All Pieces
  • Invoicing From One Source
All on time and within budget–guaranteed!