Refurbish Commercial Furniture

In addition to creating custom furnishings, the team at Design Furnishings also specializes in refurbishing and repurposing existing furniture that was made by us, or another manufacturer. In some cases, constructing new pieces is not necessary if the existing pieces are well-constructed and have been manufactured for long-term durability.

Many of our clients in the restaurant, cruise line, bar and hotel industries opt to spruce up existing furnishings in lieu of starting from scratch with a new design. Typically, the bulk of our refurbishing work is done for local clients in and around Central Florida. However, we also do large-scale nationwide projects, such as our latest which included refurbishing the booths, chairs and tables for dozens of Bahama Breeze restaurant locations around the country.

Why Refurbish?

There are many reasons to refurbish existing furniture, including:

  • Lower cost versus new construction
  • Shorter project deadlines
  • Wide variety of style options (fabric, stain, veneer, etc.) to change appearance
  • Furniture size and space plan is already established
  • Extended life and increased durability

Expert Refinishing & Reupholstering

Our team of craftsmen is skilled at refurbishing all types of furniture and can create a completely new look and feel by changing out fabrics, stain colors, and veneers. Furthermore, Design Furnishings is one of the only custom furniture manufacturers in the industry that provides ongoing service for clients in need of refurbishing or reupholstering.


Refurbishing is also an ideal way to erase small signs of wear and tear that inevitably affect a piece’s appearance after years of use. During the refurbishment process, we are able to repair surface dings and scratches, replace torn fabrics, and even strengthen and solidify the infrastructure of the piece, if necessary. To make this process easier, we keep a record of every cut line that was used in upholstering furniture for any of our clients. This means that you can replace a single bench or chair seat without worrying how fabric patterns will match up.

If custom-designed furniture seems outside the realm of possibility given your timeframe or budget, electing to refurbish gently-used, well-constructed pieces may be the perfect alternative.

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Our convenient turn-key solutions include:
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