Custom Furniture for Retail Stores & Malls

Design Furnishings partners with retail stores and shopping malls throughout the country to design, construct, and install creative custom furniture solutions. We have provided our clients with solutions for fitting rooms, food courts, shoe departments, and common areas by utilizing banquette seating, booths, tables, planters, divider walls, and more. Our space planners excel at maximizing the utility of each area, while ensuring durability and customer comfort.

Some of our furniture clients in the retail industry include:

  • Macy’s
  • Westfield Mall
  • Simon Malls
  • DeBartolo Realty Corp.

Custom Furniture for Theme Parks and Entertainment Facilities

Design Furnishings has produced custom seating and dining elements for all of Orlando’s major theme parks. Our experience and expertise in creating furniture that will be used by hundreds of thousands—possibly millions—of people each year make us the go-to choice for those operating within the entertainment industry.

We have created custom booths, benches, tables, bars and lounges for multiple theme parks and rely on our craftsmen-quality approach to construction to create pieces that can withstand heavy wear without compromising on design.

Design Furnishings has worked with the following theme parks:

  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Universal Studios
  • Sea World
  • Splitsville (luxury bowling alley and gaming lounge)

Custom Furniture for Cruise Lines

As a longtime designer of custom furniture for the hotel, casino and hospitality industries, Design Furnishings’ segue into the cruise ship market was a natural extension. Design Furnishings has the experience and skills to create robust, timeless custom furniture for state rooms, suites, bars, restaurants, clubs and lounges aboard luxury ocean liners.

We recently worked with Disney Cruise Lines to identify spatial challenges aboard their ships and create elegant custom furnishings that maximize space, comfort and durability.

Refurbishing existing furniture aboard cruise lines is also a common need, and our team is up to the challenge. Our craftsmen and upholstery team are capable of creating an entirely new look and feel for any space by simply changing finishes and updating fabrics.

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